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Burn Ugly Body Fat By Stimulating Growth
Make It Look Easy

An easy approach to this strategy is the One-Change-a-Week model. Make a list of the behaviors and healthy habits you'd like to develop. Start with the ones that will be EASIEST for you, and gradually work up to the more challenging ones.

Your choice of weekly goals might include these:

• Eat one extra piece of fruit per day
• Add 5 minutes to each workout
• Meet with a personal trainer to create an exercise plan
• Buy whole-grain bread instead of white
• Do one extra workout per week
• Take raw veggies (carrots, peppers) to work for snacks
• Have one less beer or glass of wine at night
• Eat breakfast every day
By the end of a month, you’ll have made at least 4 important health changes -- and you'll feel even more motivated to continue to make other changes needed to reach your goal.

Personal Training Helps You Meet Your Goals

Having a personal trainer may seem like something only wealthy celebrities would indulge in. Nothing can be further from the truth. One of the best goal-setting strategies is to consult a personal trainer in launching your fitness plan.

An experienced trainer can help determine what long-term goals are realistic for you; establish a series of specific, measurable short-term goals; and create a customized exercise plan that will help you succeed.

Jump Start Your Weight Loss Program

Go to your local Bally Club to gain back your confidence with the Complete Weight Loss Solution. The program includes:

• 28 meal replacement or soy bars
• 28 servings of meal replacement shake mix
• 1 shaker bottle
• 4 weeks of meal plans
• recipes
• grocery lists
• a step-by-step weight loss guide
• 1 bottle of Fat Burning Complex (one month supply)
• Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment
• Personal Training Session
This month resolve to Meet Your Potential!

Have a Plan

Every time you work out at a higher level, record your progress in your exercise journal. Did you go up a level on the elliptical trainer? Did it take you less time to run a mile? Are you using 10lb dumbbells instead of 8lb? No achievement is too small! Writing it down will help you see your progress in print and keep you coming back for more!

More on Making Plan

Plan ahead for dieting and working out. Plan out which days, types of food, times, etc in advance. Have the gym clothes, equipment, nutritional balance, etc ready to go as planned. In order to fully prepare, make sure you are both actively and mentally prepared for your workout/nutrition schedule. Book your meal plan and workout schedule weeks ahead of time so that you can be prepared for the commitment of doing both.

How to Stick To Your Fitness Goals: An Overview

If you have trouble staying motivated to exercise, you might achieve greater success if you make exercise part of your routine -- something as ingrained as brushing your teeth, getting showered or driving to work. The more "automatic" exercise becomes, the less you'll have to grapple with how to fit it into your busy schedule.

How do you do that? Keep in mind that your health is not a temporary change to be made; you're making this choice for a lifetime. Your teeth need to be brushed regularly in order to keep them healthy, right? Same goes for your body. Get into a routine you like and stick to it!

Set Measurable Goals

If you're serious about becoming more fit, be sure to establish goals that are measurable. Too many people do themselves a disservice by setting goals that are too broad or vague, and wind up feeling frustrated (and, in many cases, quitting their program). In other words, one of the best ways to make sure you succeed is to determine beforehand precisely what success will look like.


NOT MEASURABLE: I'm going to lose weight.

MEASURABLE: I'm going to lose 8 pounds in two months.

Log Your Progress

One of the best things you can do is keep a fitness log. Nothing elaborate or time-consuming, mind you -- just a simple, written record of your workouts.

After working out, write down everything you did. For cardio workouts, write down the amount of time you spent working out and how intense a workout it was. For strength training, note the amount of weight and number of repetitions for each exercise. By keeping track of your workouts, you'll see your progress more readily-and find it easier to stick to your fitness plan.

Give Your Exercise Plan Two Months

Do you find yourself continually starting exercise programs only to quit just weeks later? If so, you could be asking too much of yourself in terms of motivation.

Studies show that most people need to stick with a plan for 30 to 60 days before their commitment to exercise takes hold. Unfortunately, many of us give up sooner, discouraged if we don't approach each workout with zeal.

Perhaps one answer is to look at motivation as another "muscle." Just as biceps, abs and glutes gradually strengthen as they are exercised over time, so does motivation grow stronger with practice.

Also critical: Choose workouts you like. (It's extra hard to motivate yourself do to exercise you don't enjoy.)

How to Stick To Your Fitness Goals: Great Ideas

• GET IT OVER WITH. Exercise in the morning, before your day starts.
• EXERCISE TO COMMUTE. Don't drive, try jogging or biking to work. No shower or gym facilities at the office? Then keep workout clothes and gear in your office, and exercise for your commute home at the end of the day.
• HAVE "POWER LUNCHES." Use your lunchtime to workout. Even just going for a walk during lunch can burn calories. Working with weights, you don't have to worry about the "sweat factor," as you do with cardio workouts. You can strength-train in less than 30 minutes. (Remember to rest muscles for at least 48 hours between workouts.)
• DON'T GO HOME FIRST! If you choose to exercise in the evening after work, go directly to your workout destination. Stopping at home first can present distractions that could interfere with your exercise plans.

Setting Goals for Success

If you want big improvements -- in your fitness level, eating habits or other area -- you may feel you have to take drastic action. However, quite the opposite may be true.

Many experts believe that the best way to ensure lasting improvement is to take on one small behavior change at a time. The idea is to commit to reasonable tasks -- not ambitious ones -- and develop positive habits over time.

So, take your time, but stick to your plan. In the long run, it's your life you want to improve -- and that lasts longer than beach season!

Setting Goals for Success